The Sally Scott Studio

High on a hill, overlooking the small city of Grahamstown, sits an unassuming terracotta house.

Surrounding it and sprawling up the hill behind it, is a rampant, indigenous garden, thick with luxuriant growth.  It is amongst this vegetation, in the shadow of an ancient oak, that one will find my art studio.

This is my sanctuary, my sacred space where I spend my days making art and sharing the joys of the creative process with my students. It is a peaceful haven, and a safe space to create.

As I plan for my studio to be the centre pivot of my blog, I thought I would begin by sharing some photos that will give you an idea of it’s situation.

I will be bringing you regular updates on the activities that are taking place both within and around this studio, and in future posts will chat more about the inspiration and influences on my art, as well as the processes involved in the making of it. I will also be sure to let you know about all forthcoming exhibitions and workshops.

If you would like to see images of my work, visit the galleries on my website:

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4 thoughts on “The Sally Scott Studio

  1. An inspirational place indeed – as I can attest.

  2. …and so eloquently expressed! Thank you, Harry.

  3. Rusty

    Sally it looks like heaven…what a gorgeous place to be…no wonder your work is so amazing! Love your house and garden:))

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