Wild Women at Work

“Wildlife and the wild woman are both endangered species”  Clarissa Pinkola Estes

…which is why I’m playing my part in ensuring that neither become extinct!

Over the past few weeks six women from Grahamstown have tapped into their wild, creative side by attending one of my Red Shoe Workshops. This project began as part of my commitment to the support and upliftment of women. Shoes are a powerful metaphor for the journey we take through life and after making a pair of my own, I saw the healing potential that lies in this creative process. The workshop is fun and deeply therapeutic, with the objective being for participants to leave the workshop with a sense of achievement and a renewed belief in themselves, knowing that their shoes are as unique and beautiful as they are, and a true reflection of their souls.

Meet the participants:


Daksha, learning to do machine embroidery









Leela enjoys the treat of having time to focus on her creativity

Leela, enjoying having time to focus on her creativity

The three day workshop was spread over two weekends, and the participants quickly overcame their anxieties and launched into the project with gusto. As is often the case with workshops like this, the ladies were not sure what they would end up making or how they would go about it. However, the structure of the workshop is such that the participants moved through each step of the process with ease and by the end were able to look at their achievements with pride, and in some cases, a little amazement! After years of teaching beginners, I have learned to recognize resistance and fear for what it is and guide the participants forward through the process of choice and decision making, encouraging them to make connections and gain insights into why they choose what they do.

Click on the images below to see some more of the action:

And now meet the shoes…

The class of October 2013

The class of October 2013

When asked what she would say to others who might be considering doing this workshop, Leela said “Do it for the joy of discovering or rediscovering yourself. Laugh and be at peace with the essence of you.”

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One thought on “Wild Women at Work

  1. Karen Wentworth

    Bev’s shoes were just to die for! C’est la Pied, wasn’t it? Was it really FOUR years ago? I added heel elastics and still use my purple slippers. 🙂

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