About Me

I am an artist who was born and raised in Zimbabwe, spent a ten year stint in Botswana, before moving to South Africa, where I have lived for more than thirty years. I currently run a private art studio in Grahamstown, E.Cape.

I specialize in three different, but interconnected fields of art: Fibre Art, Drawing/Painting and Teaching. You will find more on my art if you visit my Website: www.sallyscott.co.za

This blog is about my Studio and all the activities that surround it. It will give insight into the influences and inspirations behind my art, the processes and execution of artworks, notices about exhibitions and workshops, and when appropriate, will reveal my thoughts and reflections about issues that interest and concern me. In short, it aims to provide a glimpse into the life of an African artist.

I welcome you all and look forward to sharing my creative journey…


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. catherine

    Hello Sally, I just discovered your blog by surfing on the internet while preparing our 5th trip to SA in July.this will also be our 4th visit with Marcelle at Madi a Thavha and of course also our 4th visit with Jonas and I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful photographs of his work…we’ll be getting our 4th statue also on this upcoming visit, we cannot resist.We have also met many of the other artists you mention, Noria, etc…we have explored the Makgabeng plateau with Jonas and stayed with Fortune and Lorraine at the >Makgabeng lodge as well…thank you so much for making me dream, reading about those special places and people.This time we are also planning a week in Bulawayo, the Matopos and Great Zimbabwe, should I look for posts on Zimbabwe on your blog? articles about special people we should try to meet while there?now I am going to say thank you again and click on your website to find out more about your art!

    • Hi Catherine. Thanks so much for your interesting response. I am so glad that you found your way to my site and that you enjoyed reading about my travels through Limpopo. Unfortunately I have not yet made any posts about Zimbabwe, though am sure to do so at some stage in the future. I am interested to know where you are from? I’m delighted that you are visiting our country so often and am especially pleased that you are supporting our local artists! I hope you enjoyed your visit to my website and that you will be following future posts. Best wishes, Sally

  2. Tebogo MACHETHE

    Wow, this is awesome Sally. I read your blog about the Kopanong Fighters group and Ms Sarah Machete. The group has been an inspiration to even the younger generations as it reignited the love we had for traditional music. For many a years, the traditional music that the group plays and dances to has characterized and defined us as a Baberwa people and also given us that unique identity to be proud of. Keep up the good work

    • Many thanks for this feedback Tebogo. It was such a pleasure to meet these women and I am delighted to hear that they are encouraging the younger generation to value their proud heritage.

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