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Hearthstone: A poem

Over the years I have been blessed to have many talented people visit my art studio. One such couple, from Nova Scotia, Canada, were fibre artist Valerie Hearder and her poet husband,Veryan Haysom. After showing them my artwork and spending an entertaining few hours having lunch in the garden, they departed with a sprig of lavender I had given them, perched upon their dashboard.

lavender small


A few weeks later, I was delighted and touched to receive the following poem from Veryan:


(for Sally Scott)


Your sprig of lavender on the dashboard,

            reagent separating sage and purple

            from the Oteniqua and Tsitsikamma,

divined flowers between ranges – violet and amethyst

pooled like Langkloof lakes – and scented our journey

with earth-embedded rain,

mordant for the making of this land.

It needed to be made – this place of rusted bottle-caps

flat on whorls of thread-bound string,

this meld of miner and seamstress –

            grace in gumboots and flames in grass –

this realm of layers peeling prints of char

from underfoot shoots through morning dew.

They needed to be made – fiber-beaten stones,

veldt rags, red silt tatters, dry-river cloths annealed

in a furnace of rock ruins to the sorrow

of an unforgotten farm, and your garden –

a release from sand’s memory

and the melt of high latitudes.

Aloes, too, needed to be made –

spikes, orange and crimson, on leafless

stems rising from rosettes rooted in grassless

barrens. Flowers against the blue aridity of sky –

colour of the unseen core

mark of the maker of this land

  ancient fire seared in.

Veryan Haysom

Veryan Haysom

Thank you, Veryan!

To see what Valerie does, visit her websites: and


Valerie Hearder

To all my friends around the world, I send blessings for a peaceful and creatively productive 2013.

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