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Fishes swim to cooler waters…

Two weeks ago, I, like so many mothers before me, wrapped my babes in bubbles and sent them on their way. Their incubation period seems to have taken quite  some time, but when I finally decided they were ready, they flipped their fins and swam to cooler climes. Born and bred in my sunny South African studio, they have now headed north to experience the chill of an English winter.

Magic Fish 1web

Magic Fish 2 web

Magic Fish 3 web

These magical fish are just the latest in a series that I have been working on over the past three years. Specially commissioned, they are made of ‘found’ material, and are a blend of silks, satins, rusted metal and embroidery. Although they look quite simple to make, they are fiddly little critters that demand an awful lot of time!!

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