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Festival Exhibition 2014

When I woke this morning and went out into my winter garden, I could feel it in the air. It is the mood of Grahamstown the week before the National Arts Festival. There is a peculiar calm that descends upon our little city the week before the Festival, a sense of anticipation of what is about to come. However, the stillness of this early morning reverie belies the manic activity that is going on behind the scenes in art departments and studios, theatre venues, shops, restaurants and the numerous b&b’s that are all busily preparing for the hordes to arrive. If the university is the lifeblood of this little city, then the Festival is the injection that keep us all alive. We depend upon it for our survival, both financially and culturally. There are already a few new faces in town, the technicians who have come from the big cities to create the settings for the shows. This is when the excitement begins, for a sense of new energy has arrived.

In a few days time, thousands of people will move into the city, and for a little over a week our lives will be temporarily transformed. There will be no parking, roads will be closed, and every available wall space will be plastered with posters that advertise the hundreds of exhibitions and shows. Life for normal Grahamstonians both closes down and comes alive.

Here are a few images from last year’s Festival Parade

The air is chilly, but the sun is shining and I push my feet through piles of fallen oak leaves and sit in the warmth of the sun to drink my tea, watching the birds and listening to the sounds of our sleepy city gradually coming to life. This is the calm before the storm. I’ve been keeping a low profile for the past few months, because I have been working on a large commission. I feel satisfied with the work I have produced, but as a result of this distraction, have not had time to put together a formal exhibition for the Festival. I do however have a fair selection of work available for sale, so will be having a display of these works in my art studio. If anyone should be interested to see the work, please contact me to arrange a time for viewing.

A selection of my work will be on show in my studio. Viewing by appointment only

A selection of work will be on show in my art studio during the National Arts Festival 2014. Viewing by appointment only.

Festival is always a fun time in Grahamstown and this year, it’s 40th anniversary, should really be a good one! I will keep you updated with news and images of the festivities in my next post. So, watch this space…!

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